Let's stand up to these mercury pushers

Over the years, I have talked to many of you who were surprised to learn that your dental insurance would not pay for mercury-free fillings. You are not alone. Last summer, Consumers for Dental Choice conducted a survey asking for your opinion on dental insurance. Here’s what we found....

  • 70% of respondents did not know that mercury-free fillings were not fully covered when they bought their insurance.
  • 40% have experienced trouble getting their insurance to pay for mercury-free fillings.
  • 95% thought that all dental insurance plans should favor mercury-free fillings over amalgam.

Yet when I met with the vice president for dentistry at one of America’s biggest insurance companies, she had the nerve to tell me that no one ever complained about their pro-amalgam policies. So that company refused to budge.

Clearly, it’s time for insurance companies to hear from a critical mass of consumers demanding mercury-free dentistry.

Hundreds of consumers are already active in Consumers for Dental Choice’s new “Demand Your Choice” campaign. Click here* to find the tools you need to take a stand against your insurance company’s pro-mercury policies by:

  • Getting informed: Learn to identify dental insurance policies that fully pay for amalgam while restricting – or even denying – coverage for mercury-free fillings, especially in back teeth.
  • Taking action: You can register your objections to amalgam with our easy-to-fill-out online form or use a sample letter as a guide.
  • Spreading the word: Please forward this email, post on Facebook, or use word of mouth to urge more people to challenge their insurance companies’ toxic policies.

Fighting the insurance industry – a well-oiled, profit-fueled behemoth – is our biggest challenge to date. To prevail, we need every hand on deck. Make sure your voice is heard today!

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