Governor Davis appoints mercury-free dentist Chet Yokoyama to the California Dental Board

Press Releases: 03.22.02

Dear Friends,

In a bold and exciting move, Governor Gray Davis has picked Dr. Chet Yokoyama to the California Dental Board. Chet, a prominent and reputable mercury-free dentist in L.A., is a member of all three major dental societies who oppose mercury dental fillings: the Int,l Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology, the Am. Academy of Biological Dentistry, and the Holistic Dental Assn.

As you know, the Legislature in Calif. shut down the Dental Board, creating an entirely new Board from scratch. The Governor has not yet finished his appointments - we hope he'll appoint a second mercury-free dentist, to reflect this fast growing segment of dentistry

During 2001, we focused our movement first in California, which is, after all, the nation's trendsetter state and I'm glad we did. Through a consumer movement last year spearheaded by Anita Tibau and Shawn Khorrami, and a special lobbying effort led this year by Vaughan Harada, our positions are being vindicated. This appointment signals opportunity everywhere to bring mercury-free dentists to the tables of power to help make the decisions that affect the public and the profession.

Our sincerest congratulations to Chet Yokoyama, who has this exciting opportunity before him.

And our deepest appreciation to Governor Gray Davis, who has shown the political courage to stand up to the California Dental Association.

Charlie Brown
Mar. 22, 2002

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