Pro-mercury dentists illegally withhold amalgam brochure from patients

In Hartford last Wednesday, Consumers for Dental Choice stood shoulder-to-shoulder with environmental justice activists, health professionals, and patient advocates on the steps of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to protest the state’s failure to stop pro-mercury dentists from willfully violating the law. (Click here to watch a video of Charlie Brown’s speech.)

Connecticut law requires that “the brochure Fillings: The Choices You Have, Mercury Amalgam and Other Filling Materials shall be displayed and remain prominently displayed in each office.”  This brochure was the result of a Consumers for Dental Choice initiative. It alerts every patient and parent that amalgam is mainly mercury, that mercury is a toxin, and that patients can choose mercury-free fillings.

But a recent survey shows that amalgam-using dentists are failing to display this brochure. Our ally in the state, Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice, organized community volunteers to visit 400 dental offices in the state’s three major cities: Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven.  Universally, they discovered that dentists are not displaying the brochure in their waiting rooms, nor does their front office staff offer it to patients.  Consumers for Dental Choice and Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice released the survey results in the new report Mum About Mercury.  

Why go to the steps of the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to protest?  Because this state agency is pro-mercury dentists’ partner in crime.  The state has chosen not to enforce the amalgam brochure law, thereby allowing pro-mercury dentists to withhold the brochure from patients. 

Failing to alert patients to amalgam’s mercury raises serious concerns, as our team in Connecticut was quick to point out:

  • Environmental concerns: When dental patients are without access to the state’s amalgambrochure, they might receive amalgam fillings without ever knowing they are contributing to a growing environmental and health problem.
  • Safety concerns: When the amalgam brochure is not displayed, patients – especially children, pregnant women, and people sensitive to mercury – might end up taking risks they would not have taken had they known amalgam has mercury and mercury-free alternatives are available.
  • Civil rights concerns: When dental patients are denied the brochure, they often do not know they could have chosen a mercury-free filling – and that it was their right to make that choice.

On the steps of that state agency building, the department’s press office showed up to promise us that now the state of Connecticut will enforce the law, and require dentists to prominently display the amalgam brochure.  Consumers for Dental Choice will hold their feet to the fire.  Connecticut families – and consumers nationwide and worldwide – have a right to mercury-free dentistry, and we intend to make sure they get it.

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