Give Kids a Mercury-Free Smile!

This month, the American Dental Association Foundation again kicks off its Give Kids A Smile program.  Participating mercury-free dentists will make sure underserved children get the non-toxic fillings they need. But some pro-mercury dentists will try to use mercury amalgam – also deceptively called “silver fillings” or “silver stars” – in these children instead. 

Just remember: no matter what it’s called, all amalgam is approximately 50% neurotoxic mercury.  We all support underserved children having access to dental care – but no child needs mercury implanted two inches from his or her developing brain.

Many countries, including the entire European Union, are taking steps to protect children from amalgam.  In its dental amalgam rule, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration concedes that the “developing neurological systems in fetuses and young children may be more sensitive to the neurotoxic effects of mercury vapor” and “[v]ery limited to no clinical information is available regarding long-term health outcomes” of amalgam use in young children. Nonetheless, the U.S. government does nothing to protect this most vulnerable population.

So until our government steps up, it’s up to us to protect children (and everyone else!) from amalgam. You can help warn everyone about the mercury in amalgam by..... 

  • Forwarding this email to your contact list 
  • Clicking here to share this post with your friends on Facebook
  • Insisting that your dentist use mercury-free fillings for all patients, especially children

After all, every child deserves a mercury-free smile! 

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