Thank you, mercury-free dentists!

This Mercury-Free Dentistry Week, let’s all take a moment to recognize everything our mercury-free dentists do for their patients and their communities! You know they keep your teeth healthy, but did you know that....   

  • Mercury-free dentists care about your overall health: Mercury-free dentists know that amalgam requires the removal of healthy tooth matter, weakens tooth structure, and cracks teeth as it expands and contracts – leading to higher dental bills later.  But they also know that amalgam releases mercury – a neurotoxin – and they will never put this toxin into your body.
  • Mercury-free dentists protect our environment: Mercury-free dentists understand that avoiding amalgam prevents dental mercury pollution in our air, water, and land. As health professionals, they know that dental mercury – both in the environment and in the mouth – can harm human health. 
  • Mercury-free dentists promote social justice: Mercury-free dentists are concerned about the barriers that still block access to mercury-free dentistry, especially for lower-income families. They fight this injustice by working with Consumers for Dental Choice to challenge Medicaid, dental insurers, and federal agencies that still force mercury fillings onto consumers.  

So during your next dental visit, thank your mercury-free dentist for all they do for your health, our environment, and social justice.  Or better yet, call or email to wish her or him a Happy Mercury-Free Dentistry Week today!  

Consumers for Dental Choice is proud to work with so many mercury-free dental professionals all around the world – from public health dentists here in the Americas…to dental students in Asia…to private practitioners in Australia…to dental nurses in Europe…to dental professors in Africa…and so many more.  To all the dentists who have teamed with us over the years – sustaining us with monthly and annual donations, testifying before Congress, writing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, fielding questions at press conferences, joining sign-on letters to governments, collecting names on petitions, protesting amalgam sellers, sharing our Facebook posts, participating in interviews, preparing for complex treaty negotiations….


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