We’ve launched our "Make Dental Amalgam History!" campaign

Greeting from Geneva, where we are participating in the first conference of the parties for the now legally-binding Minamata Convention on Mercury!

The Minamata Convention requires each nation to cut down its amalgam use. So during the phase between the treaty signing (2013) and this entry into force (2017), Consumers for Dental Choice embarked on a full-court press that resulted in substantial progress in every region – from banning amalgam for children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers in the European Union .... to dental training updates in India .... from exposing pro-mercury insurance and government programs in the United States .... to consumer fact sheets urging mercury-free fillings in Nigeria.

Now comes the next phase.  As president of the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry, Charlie Brown was proud to present our opening statement announcing our newest initiative: "Make Dental Amalgam History!", a step-by-step campaign to get an amalgam phase-out written into the Minamata Convention. 

This campaign was developed and is being carried out by affiliates of the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry, the coalition of dental, consumer, and environmental organizations from around the globe that Consumers for Dental Choice is honored to be a part of.  Our team embraces some of the world's foremost policy talent, including: 

  • the advocate who secured the world's first ban on plastic bags 
  • two winners of the Goldman Prize, the coveted award given to the most accomplished environmentalists
  • leaders of the top environmental non-profit groups from nations on every inhabited continent
  • the stars from our successful European Union campaign

Altogether, this team has acquired more than a century's worth of policy experience, earned several dozen advanced degrees, and speaks at least 32 different languages. Now each brings his or her unique expertise – international policy, dentistry, public health, engineering, journalism, law, environmental science, etc. – to the table for mercury-free dentistry.

As our team's chief dental adviser Dr. Graeme Munro-Hall observes, "Now that we have the Minamata Convention, some of the best minds are flocking to work with the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry on this great cause!" 

Most important, this united team wants to win .... and knows how to do it. 

This is a great opportunity for the mercury-free dentistry movement. And we promise you that we will seize it.  With your help, we can "Make Dental Amalgam History!"

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