Federal Government

April 9, 2007

Notice to FDA counsel of record: Retraction by key FDA staff of admissions to Court of Appeals re mercury amalgam could be evidence of fraud on the court.

FDA has paid a heavy price to try to block a ruling on the merits in Moms Against Mercury, et al., v. FDA.  The agency, switching to a new position, advised the Court in its brief, five times, that it no longer knows if mercury fillings are safe or unsafe.  Concerned that the position was legal maneuvering rather than a change at heart at FDA, lawyer Charlie Brown on April 9 notified the lawyers at the Dept. of Justice and FDA that any retraction back to the disreputable “mercury fillings are safe” position is evidence of fraud on the court -- and would be promptly addressed.  In the letter, Brown named names of the malfeasants at FDA who continue to favor dental economics over protecting children from mercury exposure.            

Read Brown’s letter. 

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