Federal Government

March 19, 2007

FDA admits, five times, that it doesn’t know if mercury fillings are safe

  • Admission:  “there is a lack of conclusive evidence regarding the health effects of mercury fillings” (FDA brief, p. 18);
  • Admission: “ constantly changing scientific evidence” exists on mercury amalgam (Id., p. 39);
  • Admission: “complex issues and intense disagreement [exist] about the scientific evidence regarding mercury and its potential health effects” (Id., pp. 40-41);
  • Admission: “the complexity of the issue and the lack of conclusive scientific evidence on the health effects of dental amalgams” (Id., p. 41);
  • Admission: “the lack of … definitive scientific evidence.” (Id., p. 41).

Brief filed by FDA (PDF 1.7MB, Broadband Internet access recommended).

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