Social Injustices Associated with Amalgam


The use of mercury amalgam has led to many social injustices, including....

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The term “silver fillings” has misled many dental consumers into believing that amalgam is just silver when it is really mostly mercury. Only 11% of Americans are told by their dentists that amalgam fillings are 50% mercury – and Americans making under $50,000/year, racial minorities, and women are even less likely to get enough information about what’s in their dental fillings. Consumers for Dental Choice is leading the charge to expose the “silver fillings” deception. Learn more here.

No choice

Amalgam is routinely used in people who are given no choice – especially low-income families, soldiers, veterans, American Indians, and others subject to government dental programs through Medicaid/Medicare, the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Indian Health Service. Consumers for Dental Choice is challenging government programs that deny people the choice of mercury-free fillings. Learn more here.

No coverage

Many dental insurance companies will not fully pay for mercury-free dental fillings. Instead, they give preference to mercury amalgam fillings, which they fully pay for. Consumers for Dental Choice is leading the campaign to reform insurance coverage to include mercury-free fillings. Learn more here.

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