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12.05.09 Boycott to End Mercury Fillings

05.07.08 The Pennsylvania Coalition for Mercury-Free Dentistry and Consumers for Dental Choice host press conference to promote Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown's "Informed Consent" mercury dental law

11.14.06 2,000 Flood FDA reporting illnesses from mercury fillings but agency still claims secret pandemic is "rare"

09.01.06 Advocates to petition for ban to protect pregnant women from mercury tooth fillings, as FDA holds first public hearings in 13 years, Sept. 6-7

08.21.06 Scientists and Consumer Advocates Charge FDA with "Stacking the Deck " in favor of Keeping Mercury in Tooth Fillings - First Government Hearings in 13 years on This Issue

04.27.06 Nonprofit Groups, State Officials, Sue FDA To Ban Mercury Fillings

02.14.06 Americans mostly "in the dark" about mercury in dental fillings: overwhelming support for "informed consent," new poll finds

02.06.06 Court Case Begins: Consumers Challenge DEP Granting Dentists Exemption to Zero Mercury Law

11.21.05 Consumer Group Challenges FDA Policy Favoring Mercury Dental Fillings

10.04.05 D.C. Non-Profit to Hold Mercury Vapor Testing Day

10.01.05 Can Dental Fillings Make you Sick? PA Coalition for Mercury-Free Dentistry: Press Conference and Public Rally

09.28.05 National Mercury Amalgam Awareness Week - Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA

09.26.05 National Mercury Amalgam Awareness Week - Zion, IL

07.13.05: Federal Freedom of Speech Case Settled: State of Connecticut Backs Down -- Dentist May Discuss Problems with Mercury Fillings

05.26.05: Your Teeth May Be Poisoning Your Water - Environmentalists Urge Connecticut to Ban Use of Dental Mercury

05.11.05: CDC joins with Oregonians for Life & OR Center for Environmental Health to Crumble Gag Rule in Oregon

05.05.05: Connecticut Environment Commissioner to Rule on Whether to BAN MERCURY AMALGAMS

04.12.05: CDC files antitrust petition against ADA for threat to withdraw dental services from Maine if state bans mercury fillings
Letter from the The Maine People’s Alliance to the Attorney General of Maine and to the FTC, Boston Regional Office; CDC's Petition

01.22.05: Give a Kid a Mercury Free Smile Day 2005
Minority children receive free - safe - dental care

12.09.04: Despite overwhelming scientific evidence that mercury amalgam dental fillings are a risk to human health, a "BOGUS" MERCURY AMALGAM REPORT WAS RELEASED AS FEDS INVESTIGATE WRONGDOING IN CONTRACT AWARD

06.29.04: SIERRA CLUB joins half a million Americans Demanding Protection of Pregnant Mothers from Mercury

04.09.04: WGTW-TV 48 TAKES THE LEAP - The Truth About Dangers Of Mercury Dental Fillings
Swedish journalist and local advocates speak out about the health risks of amalgam dental fillings and why the public hasn't been told the truth

02.04.04: Give a Kid a Smile Day isn't a Laughing Matter! ADA's initiative to fill and drill poor kids with mercury - Consumers for Dental Choice will demonstrate for informed consent

01.27.04: Bay Area News Conference Follows Congressional Committee in Attacking Dental

01.27.04: Board for "Stonewalling on Mercury Fillings"

01.23.04: Chairman Burton to Examine California's Compliance with Dental Amalgam Disclosure

01.23.04: Policies

06.08.03: Ban on Mercury Amalgam Recommended by Swedish Commission

05.29.03: Maine Governor Signs Bills to Protect Health, Reduce Pollution

05.07.03: Consumer Choice and Implementing Full Disclosure in Dentistry

05.07.03: A Call To Ban The Use Of Mercury Amalgams: Leading European and U.S. Experts

05.07.03: Testify

04.28.03: Mercury-in-dental-fillings controversy: Picketers at Arizona Dental Association

04.21.03: Mercury-Free Dentists Fear Reprisal for Speaking in Public!

03.19.03: Protect the Children News Conference: Arizona bill to ban mercury fillings for children

04.18.02: New Hampshire Requires Dentists To Notify Patients About Mercury Risk

03.22.02: Governor Davis appoints mercury-free dentist Chet Yokoyama to the California Dental Board

03.08.02: Oregon Recinds Gag rule On Dentists

02.21.02: Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against ADA and State Dental Association in Maryland

11.05.01: California Congresswoman Introduces House Bill to Ban Mercury Dental Fillings

10.17.01: Lame Duck Dental Board Pushes Anti-Consumer Fact Sheet

09.07.01: Coalition Heads to American Dental Association's Front Door

08.13.01: Dental Board Officer Asked To Resign

08.03.01: Say NO to Corrupt Mercury Amalgam Fact Sheet

07.18.01: Dental Board Backs Down

07.16.01: Dental Board Continues Head in Sand Stance

07.16.01: Consumers Ask Court To Halt Secret Dental Board Meeting

06.26.01: Calls to Disband the California Dental Board

06.13.01: ADA Says Consumers Should Have No Voice

06.13.01: CA Dental Board Cancels Meeting, Gov. Davis Intercedes

06.12.01: Lawsuits against American Dental Association and California Dental Association

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